The New View of Health & Wellbeing – fitness franchises can help

The awareness of having a fit and healthy approach to life has never been higher than it is now.  The enforced shut down of fitness facilities and restriction to outdoor exercise during the COVID-19 pandemic has led to many more people walking, running, cycling and using other ways to stay active out of doors.  How will this impact on fitness franchises both large and small upon opening?

 We here YourZone45 believe that as boutique fitness studios and bigger gyms open, members will come back.  People do miss the social aspect of fitness and love the community feel of our fitness studios, so confidence is high of many returning.

 How can we as a fitness franchise help?  YourZone45 is one of the few boutique HIIT providers that put heart rate tech at the core of our workouts.  This means that our members are educated from the word go about how to improve their fitness week by week.  We use the Myzone Fitness test to give our members a start point and we can guarantee that if they attend our sessions they will get fitter.

Our members can see how hard they are working during each and every session and this helps motivate and enthuse them to keep going.  It takes 3 months to build a habit and we guarantee 3 months working out at YZ45 and you will emerge fitter, stronger and more motivated than ever to take on life’s challenges. 

The mental health aspect of doing regular exercise has assumed a higher profile.  We in the business have always understood the positivity that comes from bring active and being around other people that are active.  Now more than ever the socialising increases the importance of group exercising.  You are never alone at YZ45 and our trainers coach every person in every session to help you get fit..

When the YZ45 studios open up 12th April please click here for a free trial and see how impactful our sessions are for yourself.