What Makes YZ45 a Different Fitness Franchise?

What Makes YZ45 Different?

Two main things make YZ45 the stand out fitness franchise to own.  One relates to the community you serve when you own and operate a YourZone45 franchise, and the other is to do with how we work with you as the new franchisee.  Let’s start with you, after all you are the beating heart of the new business and how successful you are matters to us.  How do we make that happen?

 You - The Franchisee

Some master franchisors will ask for a big fee up front, then hand you a ‘business system’ manual and after one week’s training expect you to do most of everything else.  The capture of a non-returnable franchise fee is more important to their business plan than you succeeding in business in the long term.

At YZ45 we aim to walk you through the process and only charge a portion of the franchise fee when we hit the agreed milestones.  That’s not out of the goodness of our own hearts (although we are warm hearted!), it actually makes business sense.   

The saying ‘you make your money going into a business’ is never truer when opening a bricks and mortar fitness studio.  By working hand in hand with us chances of success improve. And we want successful franchisees all across the YourZone45 network. 

The Community You Serve

What about the other incredibly important part in business success, the members? 

YourZone45 is the only fitness franchise to launch into the marketplace with a truly personalised product at the heart of the business; this unique consumer proposition is based on every single YZ45 member owning and wearing a Myzone belt.  Other boutique operators may offer the chance to wear one but because the whole group is not bought, in the sense of community around results does not evolve.

At a YZ45 studio the members can view their progress on screen at every workout, they can check they are working in the right zone and finish each workout with an actual measured result. 

This is why YourZone45 members get the transformations that they want and that is why they stay.    The focus of the YZ45 franchise philosophy is on getting results for the members.  Their results are the building blocks of success for your business.

Please take the time to try a free trial at one of our studios, click here.  We want to talk to any ambitious fitness professional or anyone with a passion for fitness about opening a YourZone45, contact us today.

We look forward to talking to you about opening a YZ45 studio soon.