Moving Positively into 2021 with YourZone45 Fitness Franchise

Post COVID Attitudes

The way people consume services in general has changed in a fundamental way over the last 12 months.  The pandemic has accelerated some trends and created some new ones and we are unlikely to see a reversal anytime soon.  Convenience and flexibility were quite important pre-COVID but now these are a definite requirement.  Local to the doorstep for those services not consumed online is crucial.  The hygiene standards at every single gym will be under constant scrutiny and must be gold standard.

The Hybrid Model

More specifically for fitness, the importance of a hybrid model has emerged.  People have grown used to the ease of online workouts to fit into their day/evening that is convenient to them.  At YZ45 the offering of workouts via Zoom and lending members equipment has helped keep engagement high and members paying.  Most of the admin software platforms for fitness have vastly improved their functionality in this space and integrations with third parties like Zoom have moved provision to a new level.

Hygiene Standards

People now know more about transmission of viruses and infection than they did 12 months ago.  This will affect their attitude to gyms as they are generally speaking sweaty places where people are breathing heavily.

At YourZone45 the structure of our workouts allows for single workstations to be set up for each person, ensuring that the cross over contamination is kept to a minimum.  Although our HIIT workouts do cause a lot of sweat, the layouts are key to ensuring this is as safe as possible.

Healthy Body

People have higher awareness of being healthy as it helps fight infection.  At YZ45 we use heart rate tech to monitor every member during every workout – this way each person is guaranteed to get fitter as the weeks go by.  Results are more important than ever and that is what YourZone45 delivers.

Try one of our workouts when we open 12th April by clicking here.   With interest in fitness so high there has never been a better time to start a fitness business.  We look forward to talking to you about opening a YZ45 studio soon.