The High Street Revolution – Why Buy a Gym Franchise

The change in purchasing habits from face to face to online has been brought forward by the circumstances of COVID-19 and the lockdowns; we knew it was happening but the process has been accelerated.  This will mean empty units in the high street near you and that means landlords without income plus local authorities without business rates, all will suffer losses as long as this goes on. 

But the opportunity is there for other businesses, in particular we believe the smallest to the biggest fitness franchises can thrive on the high street.  Why? Because fitness is a service that people will use and pay for if it is easy to get to and the gym franchise has a great product.

The other factor in this opportunity is localism – the better you know your area, the more chance you have of success. Franchising is a great way to take control of your own destiny and open a business, have a read of our blog Things to Consider When Buying a Gym Franchise

There are a number of profitable gym franchises out there in the marketplace to choose from, but here at YourZone45 we believe we are a great choice for local high street locations. 

Physical Size

We have a smaller footprint than others with 1,200 square feet enough to put in a YourZone45 that will provide a great living for an owner/operator.

We Get Results

Here at the YourZone45 fitness franchise the role of tech is central to getting results for our members.  Each member wears a Myzone heart rate monitor and the workout results are displayed in real time through the workout.  So everybody gets fit in the zone right for them – Your Zone! This means only one thing, great Word of Mouth and referrals in the local area.

On Trend

The YourZone45 product contains most of the top trends named in a report held in high regard by the industry the American College of Sports Medicine including wearable tech, HIIT and group training, Weight training, personal instruction and highly qualified instructors.

Cost of Entry

Al lot of the advertising around buying a fitness franchise can be a little misleading.  Because of our size and the fact that our workout model is based mainly on functional fitness, we believe our fitness franchise has the edge when it comes to the cost of getting into business.  Our physical footprint is smaller, so fit out costs are less; our kit is a great mixture of loose kit and cardio so the outlay is reduced compared to having to buy 10 treadmills; we have a full launch package included in the fee; the fantastic Myzone tech is a small monthly cost.

Take Some Action

If you feel the time is now for taking control of your destiny or you feel you are ready to start your own fitness franchise business then please CLICK HERE to book onto one of our no obligation webinars to meet the team and hear all about YourZone45, one of the UK’s best boutique gym franchises.

Try before you buy and CLICK HERE for a free trial at one of our studios (please note this may be delivered online if lockdown notices are in place in thier local area).