HIIT Gym Franchise And Social Media : The Importance Of Fitness Community

We have written about the why the HIIT workout is so beneficial for your fitness and body shape goals and we love our HIIT workouts.  Another important feature of YourZone45 HIIT gyms is the online fitness community you will get access to when you join YourZone45.


The importance of getting regular positive images of people doing their HIIT workouts on your Instagram feed cannot be over-estimated.  Seeing your HIIT gym friends getting fit, sweaty AND enjoying it, will help you book your next workout.

Social Media is now part of everyone’s life and HIIT gym go-ers have taken this to heart.  Each YourZone45 gym has active Instagram and Facebook channels that feed motivating images and videos straight to your phone.  This can be the difference between sitting on the couch in the evening or pushing yourself to book that workout and go get fit.


Apart from the great workout images and videos all the YourZone45 franchisees post regular tips about general health and wellbeing.  We know that eating well and sleeping well are essential when trying to get fit so taking care of this aspect of health is part of the YourZone45 approach.


An important part of the YourZone45 success in getting you fit is the use of heart rate monitors to ensure you are working in Your Zone (see what we did there…). 

We use the one of the leading products in the world of heart rate technology, Myzone.  These monitors are the best technology out there for reading heart rate and that’s why we use a screen display in the gym to help the trainers guide you through the HIIT workout at optimum rate.  These monitors also come with an app that helps you build points and achieve activity levels which is highly motivational.

Joining Our Community

We have a range of studios across the country and we are always pleased to offer a free trial because you need to experience the YourZone45 HIIT workout at one of our franchises to really understand why our workouts are the best in the business.  Find your local studio here or try a workout at our studio in Colchester or Southampton.  We look forward to seeing you soon.