How to Join the Breakfast Club

Joining the Breakfast Club


We are particularly proud of being a complete fitness solution for the time poor – but we’re also increasingly aware that the term “time poor” is slowly starting to include pretty much everyone these days. Because of this, we see an increasing number of YZ45ers who say they don’t manage to eat breakfast.

We get it – you’re running late, the kids can’t find their shoes and the dog is whining to be let out. Is it realistic to whip up a delicious, nutritious three course breakfast feast with all the culinary aplomb of Jamie Oliver? No.

We also know that smug phrases like “it’s the most important meal of the day” can often lose their meaning and make you feel nauseous enough to lose your A.M appetite anyway. But it’s worth noting that whether your YourZone45 goal is weight loss, fitness, or a little of both – building in breakfast is going to help you along the way. Why? Here’s a recap:

- Breakfast is the alarm clock for your metabolism, getting you burning calories faster.
- It provides you with a steady stream of energy, meaning you’re less likely to crash and reach for naughty treats later on.
- It promotes cognitive function, meaning you’re more likely to have a productive day and find yourself still motivated by the time you’re ready for a YourZone45 session.

You probably already knew all of that and that’s fine – but how do you build in breakfast in a practical sustainable way? Follow our simple tips:

Start Small

If the idea of eating a huge greasy fry up every day (YourZone45 does not condone this!) makes your stomach curl up and die, just start small. A few nuts, a single boiled egg, or a small helping of yoghurt is a good place to start.

Forget the Stereotypes

By the same token, stop thinking of breakfast as a big cooked meal with sausages, bacon, eggs and rounds and rounds of toast. There are tons of breakfast options that take little to no preparation which is especially handy if you’re really short on time. Remember; there’s no such thing as breakfast police – you won’t get arrested for munching on something that isn’t an “Official Breakfast Item” – and if something with chicken in it gets you wanting to eat in the morning, then we don’t give a damn that it’s not a mainstream, predictable brekkie! Embrace your eccentricity.

Prepare In Advance

If you’re embarking on a new fitness journey, we’ve got a sneaking suspicion that you might be reconsidering more than just your breakfast habits. If you’re already prepping healthy lunches the night before, why not add in the small task of batch processing some breakfasts. Check out our list below for quick solutions.

Hassle Free Breakfast ideas

- Batch boil eggs. They’re just as good cold as hot and they come with their own packaging.
- Practically any fruit takes absolutely nil effort and can be eaten on the go.
- Small Tupperware boxes with a handful of mixed nuts and dried fruit. This will take approximately five seconds to arrange on a Sunday night for the entire week ahead.
- Ever been in yoghurt section in Tesco? The world is your oyster.
- Just add water porridge pots. All you need is….water.
- A few oatcakes or crackers.
- Wholemeal toast. Nothing faster than a toaster.

We mean, seriously. There are just too many completely effort-free ways to eat breakfast that we’re going to publish another post JUST focussing around breakfast. In the meantime, go get your morning munchies on!