Get Some Sleep

YourZone45 is different to a lot of the traditional gyms or standard exercise classes that are out there. Why? Because we don’t believe that you need to become a slave to your fitness regime. Which is why we don’t call it a “regime” – we prefer the term complete fitness solution because, well, that’s what we are. Every workout is a full body workout, and it’s done in the quickest and most efficient manner so that you can make your body a fit machine for living life – so that you can go out there and do exactly that – LIVE LIFE!

And with your new found fitness levels and weight loss, you are going to feel so much more energised. So it’s no wonder you may feel like you could stay up for 24 hours straight, crossing off your to do list at double speed, expertly balancing your social events, family time, work schedule and all your other life commitments. But at some point you’re going to have to succumb to something – sleep.

Sleep. The wonderful land of nod. We all need it and most people love it! And we have good news, here – when you start training at YourZone45, your sleep becomes even more important. Most people are aware that sleep is a time for the mind to rest, regenerate and recuperate. This is exactly the same for the body anyway, but becomes paramount to your health and fitness achievements when you join YourZone45. Here’s why:

Muscle Repair

Every piece of muscle that gets built is technically the result of minor muscle damage. Through usage, the muscle is microscopically torn. This damage then repairs itself, resulting in a bigger, stronger muscle. When you sleep, your body can fully focus on this repair job and is able to release more growth hormones than it would during waking hours. Simply put, if you skip sleep you’re going to see less muscle development overall.


Healthy amounts of sleep regulates all sorts of processes in the body that directly affect your metabolism  - from thyroid hormones to blood sugar levels. Not allowing your body to get enough sleep will mean that, not only do you build less muscle (see above – remember: muscle is the backbone of an efficient metabolism) you will also make its job harder by confusing it with less levels of blood sugar and hormones that it requires to properly function.

A Beautiful Cycle – sleep to improve workouts to improve sleep

The title really says it all. There’s a whole bunch of scientific studies which have shown that people who take part in regular exercise report better quality of sleep overall. And of course, the better you sleep, the better you’ll workout. The better you workout, the better you sleep, meaning you get the best possible muscle repair and give your metabolism the best possible chance of speeding up. Besides… who doesn’t love a few extra Zzzs every now and again?