Keeping Your Gym Gear 'Stink' Free

I’m sorry, but there is nothing worse than working out next to someone who has clearly forgotten to wash their gym gear right? I have to admit occasionally looking around trying to find the culprit for the stink and concluding that it must be me but at least I have the decency to wash my gym gear after every session.

Keeping your gym gear stink free is a difficult task, especially if you wear ‘actual’ gym gear, you know the t-shirts that allow your body to breath, rather than the cotton t-shirts which absorb your sweat during the 55 minute calorie killing workout. Now just because all these fancy t-shirts and shorts allow your body to breath and don’t hold sweat, it doesn’t mean they stay stink free forever.

Washing your gym gear can almost seem pointless after a few times when you notice that it still smells bad, even after several HOT washes. Luckily for you (and the trainers who have to smell you all!) we’ve found a few foolproof ways to ensure your gym gear stays stink free for longer!

If your gym gear is particularly wiffy, lookout for sport specific washing powders. They do work!

Don’t use softener! Generally fabric softeners coat your clothes in soft loveliness which unfortunately stops all water from being absorbed into your clothes and giving them wash they need!

Soak! Soaking your gym gear in one part white vinegar and 4 parts water will ensure anything smelly lurking on your clothes is quickly eradicated.

Be eco-friendly, wash on a cold setting. Gym specific gear are generally more delicate than traditional clothes so it’s best to wash on a cold setting!

For god sake, stick them in the wash straight away! Leaving your gym gear around can lead to mildew and mould growing! Get them in the washing machine STAT!

Be smart, read the label! These ideas are just from what we’ve found with our own gym gear. Read the label of your clothing items before following any of these suggestions, there might be something specific that you’re meant to do with them!

So you have it. Understanding how to eliminate the smell from your gym gear may not be the most interesting read BUT, it will allow you to workout in peace without having to think that you smell because you know your gym gear is finally stink free!