Saved by the Kettlebell

At YourZone45 we use quite a range of equipment – and that’s because we absolutely believe that your complete fitness solution can be varied and fun, rather than a boring slog of repetition.

Each piece of equipment has its time and place within a workout, and all of it is pretty versatile – which is the basis of why we chose the equipment we did for our studios.

Our focus for this blog is the humble-yet-loveable kettlebell. Why is it so loveable, we hear you cry? Let us tell you:


Extensive Movement

Dumb bells, slam balls and medicine balls are great but a particularly special thing about the kettlebell is that it encourages you to move in different planes. Instead of a simple up-and-down or left-to-right, our kettlebell exercises mean you are moving in a much more fluid way – which mimics real life so much more – making the kettlebell brilliant for training you to be a functional, fit for life machine!


Multiple Muscles at Once

Because kettlebells are the epitome of functional training, the potential to utilise a large number of muscle groups is huge. If used simply as something to hold whilst you squat, you’re not going to feel the benefit as much. But when we build kettlebell reps in to YourZone45 workouts we make sure that they really cash in on what they’re for – creating and controlling the momentum of a large weight – which will utilise your big muscles (legs & bum) as well as your smaller stability muscles like your abs. Kettlebells really are an incredible all-rounder if you use them right.


Bigger Calorie Burn

On that note, the usage of multiple groups of muscles at the same time means that you are bound to get more bang for your buck with calorie burn than you would with a more simplistic dumb bell repetition. As we always say, muscles are the back bone of metabolism, so utilising all those big muscles at once can only mean one thing – quicker weight loss! Woop woop – we live and breathe for fitness efficiency!

Posture = Confidence

Because kettlebells work a lot of muscles that are attached to the spine and shoulder blades, they’re brilliant for improving posture. This, in turn, means that you’re bound to hold yourself better. When you add in the weight loss goal you’re rapidly reaching, you’re bound to feel a huge burst of self confidence in how you look and feel. Hold your head up high, you gorgeous YZ45ers!


Now get booking your next session to try out more kettlebell sets and feel the benefits for yourself!