What's Your Heart Rate?: Why We Use Heart Rate Monitors

Have you experienced a YourZone45 session yet? If you have you might have chosen to wear one of our trial heart rate monitors. If you did you probably noticed your name and your heart rate appearing on the screen, right in front of you! So why do we use heart rate straps to monitor the performance of our members?

First of all it allows our trainers to understand how fit you are during your session. We don’t want to push you to where you’re on the verge of being sick, so monitoring how hard your heart is working will allow us to determine how much more we can really push you, believe it or not but most people will think their working hard, however your heart doesn’t lie!

Heart rate fitness training has also been used by professional athletes for years so we thought, if it works for them, why won’t it work for you! In simple terms, Your Zone45 have taken all the boring scientific mumbo jumbo formulas and condensed it down to an easy to follow way that ensures members are motivated by what they see on the screen every session.

Our heart rate system also allows us to do one really neat thing, which is to let you know how you’ve performed by sending you an email after every session, no way, yes way! No matter how many members are in a session, as soon as the Your Zone45 personal trainer presses finish to end your group personal training session, the system automatically sends you a detailed report of how you performed during that session, how many calories you burned, your heart rate percentage throughout the workout as well how hard you worked during the session, with a little graph showing how long you spent in each zone! There’s no cheating this system, so we’ll get the most out of you each and every time.

As we’ve said, heart rate training has been in places for years, so why not take the opportunity and purchase one of our heart rate monitors, you can find out more at your local club!