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The best gym workout in Colliers Wood is found at YourZone45. Our workouts are designed to help you get fit fast and burn calories for up to 36 hours after each workout!

Based around heart rate technology, our workout classes are led by top instructors and are enjoyable, motivating, and most of all, they get results.

Think “personal training”, “group exercise” and “a clean, friendly gym” and you will start to understand how we can help YOU reach YOUR fitness goals.

Enjoyment, Motivation, Results! We do hope that we can welcome you for a free trial soon.

YourZone45 Colliers Wood
200 High Street
Colliers Wood
London SW19 2BH
Telephone: 0208 050 2859

Colliers Wood

Meet Some Of Our Members

I lost 2 Stone In 10 Months

Rachel at Colliers Wood

I smashed 525 kcals in 1 Session

Megan at Colchester

I lost 1.5 Stone In 6 Months

Julie at Braintree

I smashed 1000 kcals In 1 Session

Miguel at Braintree

I lost 10lbs In 2 Months

Ema at Colliers Wood

I smashed 667 kcals In 1 Session

Georgia at Braintree

I lost 10lbs in 10 Weeks

Mike at Colchester

I smashed 780 kcals in 1 Session

Anna at Colliers Wood




Jeff, the owner of YourZone45 Colliers Wood is probably one of the most established fitness professionals in the area boasting years of industry experience.

Originally establishing himself as one of the most sought after trainers in Sydney, Australia, running some of the most successful bootcamps in the Sydney area before moving to London with his children and British wife.

Jeff’s main three ethos’ are Continuity, Accountability and Results, always striving to improve YourZone45’s clients overall health and wellness, but understanding the clients need to enjoy the process.

Coupled with Jeff’s extensive knowledge, caring manner and understanding that everyone is different he has been able to make YourZone45 Colliers Wood’s most successful Personal Training studio achieving outstanding results for countless people.

He is supported by a truly amazing team of Personal Trainers that share his views and love of the fitness industry, but individually bring their own wealth of knowledge and encouragement to the YourZone45 community.


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