Discover some of our Yourzone45 workouts

Workouts vary from site to site and are adapted to suit your fitness needs and levels. Here are some examples of our workout sessions that will get you active and energised.


The Classic YZ45 workout is based on our founding principle of 8 blocks of 4 minutes exercise with a 45 sec rest period between the blocks. There are 5 different variations of the workout – TOTAL, UPPER, LOWER, CORE/ABS, TEAM. Each session aims to push your body in Your Zone (80% to 100% of your max heart rate for 12 to 20 minutes), to get optimal results.


As the name says, this is our ‘extreme’ session. Whether it be the HIIT version or the STRENGTH version, this workout is aimed to push you right to your limits.

Mainly for the more seasoned trainer who likes to be pushed hard, this class can be adapted for all.

5 exercises to complete – each lasting for 1 minute. You’ll then get a small 20 sec rest period between exercises. Once you have completed 1 full circuit, you’ll get a 1 min 20 recovery before it all starts again. 5 circuits to complete in total i.e., 5×5.

10 FOR 10

10 for 10 is our Cross-Fit style workout. 2 versions – Strength and Hybrid. Each section lasts for 10 mins (with a 1 min break on the 5 min mark) – There are 3 sections to complete. Once you have completed a section you will get a 1 min 30 recovery before starting the next section.

Each section has 4 exercises to complete. The idea being that you do each exercise for 10 reps and keep rotating through the for the time. Really good for working together as a team.

6 6 6

The ‘Devils number’ 666 is our tough cardio-HIIT session.

6 exercises, 6 rounds to complete, with each round lasting for 6 minutes. This session will really burn the calories during and after the session!


The circuit session is working on muscular endurance with 1 min 30 on the exercise and 40 sec rest periods between exercises. With 9 exercise to complete twice through this will really improve your endurance and stamina. There are 2 different versions – HYBRID and STRENGTH.


This is a HIIT session with a difference. With 4 circuits of 8 exercises to complete this session has a twist… This workout has contrasting timings. With the 4 circuits to complete, each circuit changes its exercise timings of 40 and 50 seconds per exercise and 25 seconds rest between each. With 1 min rest after each full circuit, this really will get the heart rate pumping.


Add a new ‘dimension’ to your training with this tough HIIT session. 40 seconds of work with a 20 second rest period, you’ll have 6 rounds of each exercise to complete. With only 45 seconds rest between exercises. 6 exercises to complete, this session will really push you to that afterburn! With 2 versions – Dimensions HIIT and Dimensions STRENGTH.


This is our HIIT style of circuits, with shorter timed intervals. 8 exercises to complete, each lasting 45 seconds. You’ll be getting a brief 20 second rest period before moving onto the next exercise. At the end of each full circuit, you’ll get a 1 min 20 recovery period before starting it again. You’ll have 4 rounds to complete before the end. With 2 versions HIIT CIRCUITS HYBRID and HIIT CIRCUITS STRENGTH, this class will hit into every body part.


Can you complete our HIIT RESET session?!
This session is designed to give you a tough 25 min HIIT session – which is 60 seconds max effort with 25 sec rest/change to station. This will then be followed by a 20 min stretch and relaxation session which will RESET your body, ready to go again the next day.


This our fun packed HIIT circuit session where there will be 6 set exercises to complete with the 7th being the instructor’s choice. Let’s hope they are in a good mood……or not!

7 exercises to complete, 40 seconds of work in each with a 20 sec change period. To complete this session, you’ll need to complete 5 circuits through.


This HIIT session is go go go with 3 exercises to complete in each section and minimal rest periods between the exercises, this session is guaranteed to get that ‘pulse’ racing and keep it racing for hours afterwards!
With 45 seconds worth of work and only a 15 second change over period you will have to complete 3 full circuits of each section before you get a full minute’s rest. After that it starts again on the next section. You will have 4 sections to complete.


Push your body to the limit with our HIIT and STRENGTH versions of R3DZONE.

30 seconds of max work x 30 seconds or recovery x 5 rounds. You then get a minute recovery before moving onto the next section. With 7 sections to complete, Fitness related and muscular, this really will push you into that ‘R3DZONE’.


After a tough week’s session its essential to stretch out the muscles in the body to reduce the risk of injury and ensure you are ready for the next week ahead! Come and fully revitalise your body with the 30 min YZ45 mobilise, stretch and relaxation class.


This is our circuit style class with a difference. There are 10 exercises with 3 circuits to complete. Each circuit though gets longer in duration i.e., the time RISES. Circuit 1 consists of 30 sec work x 30 sec rest per exercise, circuit 2 45 sec work x 30 sec rest and circuit 3 60 sec work x 30 sec rest.

This session will certainly make the heart rates ‘RISE’.


Our Tabata bootcamp session is short and very sharp! MAX effort for each of the rounds as they only consist of 20 seconds of work with a 10 second breather. 8 rounds to complete on each of the 8 exercises – This is scientifically proven to get you great EPOC while every aspect of fitness is covered.


Can you complete all 4 blocks?

Each block contains 4 exercises, each 45 seconds work with 20 sec rest you must complete 2 full circuits. After that you get a brief rest period before moving onto the next block. You must complete all 4 to complete the class!


How will you handle the descent down? do you have what it takes to complete the circuit?!

This endurance session has 8 exercises to complete but before you can move onto a new exercise you must complete the 4 descending sets – 60 sec / 50 sec / 40 sec and 30 sec. you will get a small 20 sec rest in between each set before you go again.


Can you work your way up and down the pyramid?

With 6 exercises in total to complete, 30 seconds of work with 25 seconds rest – an exercise gets added each round until you


Can you take on the SWITCH?

With 4 different sections to complete, the switch has 4 different exercises in each section with ‘switches’ between cardio and exercise until you have completed all 4. Once you have completed all 4, you get a brief recovery period before you ‘switch’ to the next section. 45 seconds work / 25
second rest-change over time.


Will you take on our Work out of the Day?

10 exercises to complete of 3 full circuits. Each exercise will include 50 seconds work and a small 20 second rest period before moving onto the next exercise, this really will get the heart pumping to cover a full body workout!