HIIT Studios and much more!

We use leading heart rate technology in dynamic and fun class formats that focus on giving you a great workout. Our system allows you to exercise at your own level and work in the right zone.

Our personal trainers ensure that your workouts are fun and give you the results you want.



You start and finish together, led by a trainer who will give you the attention you would expect to get in a personal training session.

Each of our classes have a different format and focus. As the timetable changes every day, you can participate in variety of classes to mix it up and keep your fitness fresh and exciting.

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There’s a lot more to YourZone45 than just high intensity interval training. Each member is part of a unique and supportive community! Our membership base is small, because we focus on knowing all our clients and want to ensure they all get results, opposed to being seen as just another member that gets lost in a big box gym. At our gym we specialise in making our members feel welcome and being a part of a club that is full-on fun.

Try YourZone45 for something different in your workout!


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At many gyms, getting fitter and losing weight is a solitary process. At YourZone45 we think differently – we know that working out in a community can help you to reach your fitness goals quicker than you would on your own. If you want to be part of the YourZone45 community and get helpful fitness tips, useful information and be part of our conversation, check back here regularly.

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Who’s The Fittest?

Who’s The Fittest?

What Is Fitness? “Physical fitness is a state of health and well-being and, more specifically, the ability to perform aspects of sports, occupations...

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