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Here at YZ45 we use leading heart rate technology in dynamic class formats that focus on your workout. Our coach manages your sessions to make sure every client gets results. Our systems allow every member to workout at their own level and work in the right zone.

Why yz45?

Choose YZ45 as your final destination for a boutique fitness franchise! Start together and finish together in our different class formats that gives you the attention of a personal training session. Each format has a different focus and programming varies every single class to help you participate, progress, and prosper throughout the week.

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There's a lot more to YZ45 than high intensity interval training. Each member is part of a community with all joint goals. Our membership base is small because we focus on our clients results rather than just being another member that gets lost. As a gym franchise we specialise in making our members feel welcome and being part of a club that is fun. Try us for something different. - join YZ45.

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