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Why yz45?

YourZone45 is a boutique fitness studio that delivers highly motivating interval training workouts that are focused around your heart rate. The workouts are designed to burn calories fast, rev up metabolisms and increase fitness levels at a phenomenal rate.


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Our Stories

I lost 2 stone in 3 months at YourZone45

Michael Colchester member

YourZone45 is fun, intense and only 45 minutes!"

Lisa Colliers Wood member

I smashed 1022 calories in my last session at YourZone45

Jack Braintree member

*Weight loss results may vary based on individual user


Yourzone45 blog

My YourZone45 Workout

The alarm bleeps at 7:15 and I grab my phone knowing that in a few short minutes I need to jump out of bed...

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Does Caffeine Affect Your Internal Clock?

That late night coffee could be throwing your circadian clock out of sync. A study led by researchers from the University of Colorado Boulder...

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Keeping Your Gym Gear 'Stink' Free

I’m sorry, but there is nothing worse than working out next to someone who has clearly forgotten to wash their gym gear right? I...

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What's Your Heart Rate?: Why We Use Heart Rate Monitors

Have you experienced a YourZone45 session yet? If you have you might have chosen to wear one of our trial heart rate monitors. If...

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