Functional Fitness is Fab!

Functional Fitness

How can we define functional fitness? At YourZone45, one of the UK’s up and coming boutique gym brands, we like the Wikipedia definition of:

“Functional training attempts to adapt or develop exercises which allow individuals to perform the activities of daily life more easily and without injuries”

There are basically seven functional movements that make up all the variations of exercises that the human body can perform:

  • Pull
  • Push
  • Squat
  • Lunge
  • Hinge
  • Rotation
  • Gait

These movements are the basics on which every fitness exercise you have ever performed have been built on.  By incorporating as many of these types of movements into your workout session, you are stimulating all the major muscle groups of the body. This makes for an all-round fitness approach that builds a stronger and more adept person. 

All our workout sessions involve the sort of loose equipment that allows for a greater variation of functional movements; fixed weight machines do not really allow for this.  The progressive and regressive options for each exercise can be instructed before starting the session which allows for a range of abilities and fitness levels. 

The YourZone45 Trainer

We believe that it is best to start improving your functional fitness under the eye of an expert trainer.  This way you will learn the correct technique right from the start.  A good technique will reduce the chance of injury and allow you to start building a habit-forming routine.  There is nothing worse than making a start and then having a forced stop because of an avoidable injury.   Our YZ45 trainers will ensure that you start carefully and at the right intensity to gain benefits without getting injured.

The YourZone45 Sessions

Our 45-minute HIIT sessions are tailored to incorporate many of the seven functional movements mentioned above.  Why do a group session rather than by yourself?  A key element of developing a (good!) habit is routine and appointments.  If you make an appointment, you are much more likely to attend. Also, it’s much more fun to work out beside your fellow ‘strivers’ and get motivating thumbs up and sympathetic smiles during the session.

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