Art of Coaching - How To Identify Great Trainers

Looking for the Right Trainer

On one level recruiting looks easy, you want to pay someone to do a job and they want to do it.  When that job is an expert fitness trainer who needs to make each and every HIIT workout a brilliant experience for up to 24 people day and day out at YourZone45, well that is a different story.  We have written about the importance of social media before and these are the guys that need to develop that community feel and get those all important and credible images.

What are You Looking for?

On any CV that comes into your hands, you ideally want to see some experience of group exercise teaching in combination with some personal training skills.  This means they can coach a room and should also be able to do on the spot technique checks.

But don’t automatically reject those without that direct experience.

People who have experience in other industries or sectors can bring a lot to the table, like dancers and actors who have training in working a room and projecting their personalities. Invite all for interviews and make part of the interview a practical where they can demonstrate some of their instructions and theoretical knowledge.  The second stage should be a full audition.


Anyone can wite a great CV that makes them look like the best HIIT instructor ever!  Really you need to see them in action.  This means having them in the room and, after observing a YZ45 workout and some training from you as the franchise owner, you need to watch them do some actual instructing.  You can use them as a co-instructor and observe them as they move around the room.  How are they relating to members?  What sort of technique tips are they giving out?  Can they spot when someone needs an exercise regression?  Or conversely a progression?

Here at YZ45, we use Myzone heart rate technology so experience of this system would be useful. But if they do not have experience of this system, their training should mean that they understand the theory behind it plus they should be able pick it up quickly and use it during the workout audition.

Three Key Attributes

A lot of HIIT and fitness instructors can manage a room full of people exercising BUT can they coach the room?  There is a difference between bringing everyone along safely and shouting some motivational phrases and really coaching that fitness room.

 The art of coaching relies on them fully demonstrating these three things, while all the time keeping things safe and fun:


Yes everybody does need a bit of a pat on the back.  From general shout outs to the room to some quietly spoken words of encouragement to individuals this does matter and has an affect.


If people understand WHY they are doing something it helps them actually complete the task.  So when the difficult squat section comes around, reminding all that this will help them run a bit faster, or get them fitter for skiing or actually help them get upstairs more safely that really adds to the experience.


Finally, the form and technique in every single HIIT exercise or cardio element does matter.  It will make it more effective and that means better results.  Members certainly appreciate notes on technique all through the workout, from general announcements to the whole room to personalised tips after observing them doing an exercise.  This is where real expertise can be demonstrated and regressions introduced if someone is finding it too hard to maintain form

That is the difference between managing a room and coaching a room.  If you want to try our one of our YZ45 HIIT workouts, please book a trial at any of our locations.