Post Workout: What Should You Be Doing?

You look at the clock and realise your session is over, you’re probably feeling relieved that you can relax knowing that you don’t have to lift another weight or run another lap around the treadmill. What do you do next? Slump in front of the TV with a large glass of wine and a ready meal? I hope not!

During a 60 minute group personal workout did you know that you’re breaking down muscle tissue which will need repairing, the best way to do this is buy consuming some form of protein. Also after your personal workout your body will be lacking carbohydrates so it is important to eat something which includes carbs. These carbs will aid the recovery of the muscles, helping you to get back into the gym sooner!

Our training sessions allow you to consume a decent amount of carbs post workout due to the high intensity training. Eating carbs post workout is actually better for you as your body will use it as energy rather than store it as fat for later.

Now don’t leave it too long to eat after working out. There may be too much cortisol in your system after working out which will throw your body into eating its own muscle to fuel itself which creates a situation where your fat is still stored and will result in you getting bigger rather than slimming down!

Asides from eating it is important to get your stretches in after your workout and make sure you spend at least 10 seconds on each stretch, just because the champions league is on shouldn’t mean you skip those quad stretches! Remember to think about all the muscle groups when stretching after a session and not just your legs!

Most importantly, watch what you are drinking before, during and after your workout. Water and coconut water is a great electrolyte drink and a perfect alternative to sugary energy drinks.

If you need any advice or want to talk over your eating pre and post workout talk to your trainer, who will be more than happy to help!